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Your Journey Through Prativada Tarot Massage

Visit The Spa at Paradise Point for not only healing relief, but a vacation within the mind. Discover a unique treatment fitting for San Diego’s Island Resort, Prativada Tarot Massage.

Our therapist will begin with a sacred opening of meditation with the use of Tibetan singing bowls at the Crown, Sacral and Root Chakra to clear your energy followed by breathing techniques and the use of pressure points. A protecting mist of Talisman essential oil spray shrouds you signifying the start of your journey. The therapist then shows the first 22 cards of the deck or the “Major Arcana” at which point you will select the first card or “The Situation” to reveal the imagery. Example: Revealing “The Chariot” means that all aspects of my life are essential to my growth and though I have fallen in my past, I am risen to live truthfully and fearlessly with much skill.)

Once this card is revealed, you and your therapist will have open dialogue to reveal the significance of this card and how it relates to your life.

Then begins the 60-minute massage portion of the treatment using warming ginger oil and long fluid massage strokes. Gua Sha can be used with our Jade Gua Sha tool to help remove toxins from particularly congested areas, clearing toxins and freeing up pathways to enlightenment. Energy work such as Reika can also be used when called upon, as this treatment is largely intuitive and the therapist will follow signals from your body and needs. Much of this is based on the unconscious and tapping into what our physical bodies are telling us.

At the conclusion of the massage, your therapist will leave the room and allow you return to your robe. The therapist then retrieves the deck of cards and places them face down in front of you. She’ll ask you to select three more cards: Past, Present, and Future. Once the cards are revealed, the symbolism is discussed and your therapist can get into the deeper meaning of what each card means. At this point, you can apply what your therapist has revealed to the answer you are seeking. Please note: at no point are you required to reveal the situation they are seeking answers to.

The purpose of this journey is to walk away feeling more assured with life’s path knowing a little more about yourself then when you started. Through this glimpse into the nonphysical world of healing along with the relaxation of the massage, you will leave with enlightened knowledge and peace. You’ll also receive a brand new Deck of “The Good Tarot” by Colette Barton-Reid to continue seeking answers to all of life’s questions.