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We have updated our privacy policy as of January 1, 2020. Click here to view our policy.

Bird of Paradise Flower
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Paradise Point, located on an island in California, is a unique Mission Bay resort where hotel and the great outdoors intertwine, so it’s only natural that we’re committed to lessening our impact on our environment.

Across our 44 acres and various outlets and departments, our San Diego eco-friendly hotel is dedicated to sustainable practices that allow us to uphold our commitment to conservation, and still deliver our promise of providing guests with superior service and environmentally conscious hotel accommodations.

Top green hotel practices include:

• Environmentalist level member of the California Green Lodging Program
• Official partner of Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter for protection of waterways and beaches
• Named “Recycler of the Year” by the City of San Diego for participation in Commercial Food Scrap Composting Program and waste diversion rates
• Annually redirect over 1,020 tons of landfill waste to recycling or composting resulting in a 75% diversion rate
• Lush landscape featuring over 600 different types of carbon monoxide-converting plants and flowers
• Island landscaping watered by low flow sprinklers
• Linen-less meeting rooms help conserve water and laundry chemical use
• Conference center equipped with hydration stations to fill reusable water bottles
• Water conservation/irrigation system to prevent run-off into Mission Bay
• Laundry tunnel washer with pulse jet technologies conserves 10 million gallons of water annually
• The Island uses a Hobart dishwashing system; the only Energy Star-rated commercial dishwashers on the market
• Use of high-quality sustainable, local products
• Optional bath towel re-use program available in guestrooms
• Refillable dispenser systems for guest shampoo, conditioner and shower gel to eliminate individual packaging waste (hotels dispose of more than 10 billion partly-used individually-packaged bars of soap and bottles of liquids every year!)
• Wireless temperature control system for public spaces
• Guestroom bathrooms feature low flow toilets and shower heads
• No-water urinals utilized in men’s restrooms
• Engineering, bellmen, and security staff utilize electric carts or bicycles for transportation around our green San Diego hotel
• Landscaping debris is repurposed as mulch/fertilizer
• LED lighting used throughout the property and indoor and outdoor lighting limited when possible
• Energy saving lighting requires guests to insert room key
• Bathrooms feature eco-friendly, rain style shower heads providing low flow, water efficient fixtures
• Housekeeping department operates with water conservation in mind, utilizing a standard “3rd day” wash cycle for guestroom sheets
• Housekeeping attendants only clean with “Green Seal Certified” products
• Paperless purchase order system and job applicant system
• Bike racks and skateboard storage for employees

San Diego wildlife, just beyond your bungalow

Mission Bay is a wet 4,235-acre wonderland located in the heart of San Diego. Primarily used for recreation purposes, the waterways and shorelines are also a habitat for many birds, fish, marine mammals, invertebrates, and plants, giving visitors the chance to witness some of Southern California’s indigenous species in their natural surroundings. On its own 44-acre island at the very core of Mission Bay, the resort is both a stopover for local wildlife and an autonomous ecological microcosm.

The verdant grounds contrast sharply with the surrounding drier terrain typical of Southern California; over 600 types of tropical plants from 20 countries were imported and installed by famed landscape architect Frank Rich in the early 60s. Rare and exotic specimens include the imperial bromeliad from Rio de Janiero, the dragon tree from Madagascar and the Asian silk tree. More frequently found growing on the grounds are bird of paradise, hibiscus, and towering palm trees, with over 1,000 of each planted.

The award-winning landscape has flourished in San Diego’s temperate climate over the past several decades, transforming the island into a lush oasis inhabited by plentiful wildlife year-round. A network of gardens and lagoons is home to ducks, red-eared slider turtles, hummingbirds, herons and egrets. Below the surface, leopard sharks, stingrays, shovel-nose guitar fish, corvina, and other fish make up an aqueous ecosystem. Paradise Point’s sprawling layout and bungalow-style rooms naturally encourage guests to take in the unique surrounding environment. For those looking to interact with and learn more about nature, the hotel also offers additional programming including a botanical tour, scenic boat cruises on Mission Bay, and the chance to feed the resident ducks and fish.